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broker popularity emerging popularity gaining attraction broker
LeverageUp to 1:200
Minimum Deposit$5
Year Established2020
RegulationNot regulated; lacks regulatory oversight
Payment methodsPaypal, Master Card, Sitcom bank, Wire Transfer
Publicly Traded
Type of BrokerOffshore
Trading AssetsForex, CFDs, Gold, Silver, Oil, Indices, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies
Demo Account
Islamic Account
Deposit Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Rating★★★★ 4
Offers Official Website

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Pros and Cons

  • Diverse Account Types: MeeFX provides multiple options for account types, allowing users to choose one that aligns with their specific trading preferences and needs.
  • Online Customer Support: The platform offers accessible online customer service support, ensuring users can seek assistance and resolve queries promptly.
  • Expert Advisor (EA) Compatibility: MeeFX supports Expert Advisors, enabling automated trading strategies for a more hands-free and efficient trading experience.
  • Uncertain Regulatory Status: MeeFX’s regulatory standing is unclear, posing potential risks for traders as the platform operates without the oversight and protection offered by regulatory bodies.
  • Low WikiFX Score: The broker receives a low score on WikiFX, indicating possible concerns and a lack of positive recognition within the trading community.
  • Absence of Biometrics for Trading Software: Their trading software does not incorporate biometric authentication, potentially impacting the overall security and user verification process.


MeeFX positions itself as a comprehensive forex broker, offering a diverse array of trading platforms, including MT4, MT Web, and Mobile.

Targeting traders interested in forex, CFDs, precious metals, energy commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more, it projects itself as a one-stop solution for the modern investor.

Before embarking on a trading journey with MeeFX, it is imperative to scrutinize the experiences of fellow traders.

Our in-depth investigation reveals nuances that warrant careful consideration.

Leverage and Deposits

Understanding its leverage and deposit policies is crucial for making informed decisions in the complex world of forex trading.

High Leverage

MeeFX tempts traders with leverage up to 1:200, surpassing permissible limits in many regulated markets.

This aggressive, high-leverage strategy often characterizes unlicensed brokers seeking to attract clients.

Minimum Deposit

While MeeFX aligns with other micro-account brokers with a minimum deposit of $5, its lack of licensing introduces an element of risk.

Traders are reminded that a safer alternative may lie with brokers holding valid licenses.

Trading Software

MeeFX’s choice of the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 platform for trading adds a layer of familiarity to its offerings.

MT4 Platform

While the Metatrader 4 platform itself is reputable, it is crucial to note that our endorsement extends to the software and not necessarily the broker.

Numerous licensed brokers provide access to the MT4 platform with better overall conditions.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Processes

Understanding its deposit and withdrawal procedures is crucial for potential investors concerned about the accessibility and security of their funds.

Deposit Options

MeeFX facilitates deposits through various means, including PayPal, Master Card, and Sitcom bank.

However, the lack of detailed withdrawal information and potential hidden fees warrants skepticism.

Withdrawal Ambiguity

The withdrawal process lacks transparency, with no information on accessing funds or a refund policy.

This ambiguity raises concerns about the ease of retrieving deposited funds.

Lack of Transparency’s lack of transparency regarding the algorithms driving its trading practices raises significant concerns.

The absence of clear information on trading tools leaves investors in the dark, relying more on emotional appeal than providing logical evidence for profit generation.

Offshore Brokerage Concerns

Being categorized as an offshore broker, it shares commonalities with peers facing regulatory and legal documentation challenges.

Notably, MeeFX’s trading conditions are flagged as suboptimal, urging potential investors to approach with a discerning eye.

Legitimacy Check

The legitimacy of a forex broker is a cornerstone of trust.

In MeeFX’s case, red flags emerge, signaling potential risks and uncharted territories for traders.

Lack of Licensing

The company operates without the backing of regulatory bodies, contradicting its claim to operate under the UK’s FCA in London.

The breach of FCA rules, such as offering leverage beyond the allowed limit and providing trading bonuses, raises concerns about legitimacy and the potential for scams.

Risks of Unlicensed Brokers

The absence of regulatory oversight means that its users lack the protections typically afforded by regulatory bodies.

The absence of access to guarantee funds and Negative Balance Protection policies heightens the risks associated with trading on this platform.

Profitability Quandary

For those enticed by the allure of profitability, the company introduces additional considerations that cast doubt on the feasibility of making profits.

Unfeasible Profits

Given MeeFX’s lack of licensing and the issuance of bonuses with potential withdrawal obstacles, the prospect of realizing profits becomes highly doubtful.

Traders are cautioned to assess the potential risks thoroughly.

Language Discrepancy

The company’s legal documentation exclusively in Indian, despite claiming British roots, raises questions about hidden fees and calls for heightened caution among potential investors.

Financial Security Concerns

Navigating MeeFX’s approach to fund safety is paramount for potential investors concerned about the security of their investments and data.

Lack of Transparency

MeeFX’s ambiguity extends to its approach to funds.

The absence of explicit information on how investments are traded, coupled with the lack of a privacy policy, raises concerns about fund safety and data security.


MeeFX’s location in SVG raises questions about the transparency of its ownership, potentially hindering efforts to trace the company’s financial statements.

Customer Care Service

Effective customer support is the backbone of a positive trading experience, and MeeFX’s offerings in this area deserve scrutiny.

Limited Accessibility

MeeFX’s customer support claims fall short, with a live chat seemingly connecting users to automated responses.

Email and telephone contacts also appear non-responsive, indicating potential challenges in reaching out for assistance.

Regulatory Status

Its regulatory status is a critical aspect of evaluating its trustworthiness and the protections it offers to its users.

Lack of Regulation

MeeFX operates without regulatory oversight, making it prone to engaging in potentially unlawful activities with clients’ funds and data.

Traders are urged to weigh the risks associated with trading on an unregulated platform.


In conclusion, while MeeFx may present an enticing platform built on MetaTrader, the lack of transparency, licensing, and regulatory adherence raises significant concerns.

Trading with this company entails unnecessary risks, and safer alternatives with proper licensing are readily available in the market.

Investors are strongly advised to exercise prudence, thoroughly research alternatives, and consider more reliable options to safeguard their investments and financial well-being.

In the tumultuous sea of forex trading, informed decision-making is the anchor that ensures a secure voyage.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a regulated forex broker?
No, MeeFX is not regulated by any known regulatory body, raising concerns about the lack of oversight and investor protection.
What trading platforms does it offer?
MeeFX provides multiple trading platforms, including MT4, MT Web, and Mobile, catering to the diverse needs of traders.
What is the minimum deposit required to start trading?
MeeFX has set its minimum deposit at $5, making it accessible for traders looking to start with a smaller investment.
Does MeeFX support Expert Advisors (EAs) for automated trading?
Yes, MeeFX is compatible with Expert Advisors, offering traders the option of implementing automated trading strategies.
Can I access customer support 24/7?
MeeFX offers online customer support; however, reports suggest limited accessibility, with concerns about the responsiveness of live chat and other contact options.
What is the leverage offered by MeeFX?
MeeFX provides access to leverage up to 1:200, exceeding limits set by many regulated markets and potentially posing higher risks for traders.
Are there different account types available?
Yes, MeeFX offers multiple account types to cater to varying trading preferences and experience levels.
Does it have a demo account for practice trading?
There is no clear information on whether MeeFX provides a demo account, limiting traders’ ability to practice and test strategies risk-free.
What deposit methods does MeeFx accept?
MeeFX facilitates deposits through various methods, including Paypal, Master Card, Sitcom bank, and wire transfer.
Is it safe to trade with MeeFX considering the lack of regulation?
Trading with MeeFX carries inherent risks due to its unregulated status. Traders are advised to exercise caution and explore alternatives with proper regulatory oversight.


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